Q30 limousine

Electric | Elegant | Efficient

The Q30 Limousine offers a solution for transporting people in crowded cities and lake areas in an environmentally conscious, elegant, silent and efficient way.

Clean Energy

100% Electric

“Venice is a universal pearl; it is very upsetting that there is more pollution here than on land. We know that 44 percent of pollution is the work of engines, so let’s convert them. Let’s also set a date: by 2025 we must change and become a world reference point for sustainable navigation.”
(Gianni Darai, the venetian representative on Italy’s assonautica association for the boat industry)

“Amsterdam´s mayor to ban diesel engines from the center´s ancient canals by 2025, helping the city´s efforts to combat climate change.”


  • LOA
  • Beam
  • Draft
  • Propulsion

    2x Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 FP Pod 10.0 kW

    Electric motors with 20kW continuous power
  • Battery

    30kWh Lithium battery pack

    10kWh additional battery pack as option
  • Chargers

    Shore charger 220VAC for overnight charging

    Fast chargers as option
  • Steering

    Fully electric drive-by-wire steering with joystick

    With individually rotating pods
  • Silent Cruising Speed

    6 kn

    Running time: 10 hours
    Range: 60 nautical miles
  • Fast Cruising Speed

    9 kn

    Running time: 5 hours
    Range: 42 nautical miles
  • Max Speed

    14 kn

    Running time: 1.5 hours
    Range: 21 nautical miles



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