100 % Electric Boats

Combining State of The Art Technology with Elegant Design

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Enjoy the electric silence

Silence is at the heart of the ideology of the Q Yachts. This concept is called Electric Silence.

A journey becomes the destination as the quiet boat gives a personal opportunity to live in a moment. The silent driving experience makes it easy to sense the surrounding landscape and chat with fellow passengers in a normal voice.

Leave everything behind, Leave Nothing Behind

No Waves, No Emission, No Noise

Style and technology hand in hand

The stunning design of the Q30 offers the boater a holistic and harmonious user experience. The minimalist but recognisable style is beautifully elegant.

The boat uses state of the art technology and thanks to the hydrodynamically optimised hull, the boat is extremely energy efficient. The shape of the hull helps the boat glide smoothly in the water, creating an amazingly pleasant driving experience.

Pinnacle of design

Unparalleled Hydrodynamics

Designed to perfection

Q30 is a perfect day cruiser with a luminous cabin. The boat can also be used as a tender for larger vessels where style is everything.


The New Era of Boating


The smart joystick features enables an easy and enjoyable way to experience the new era of boating. The different driving modes offer to both experienced boaters and as well as to skippers with less hours on the water an easy way to dock sideways and keep the boat in place by an automatic skyhook.

Configure Your own Q30


Quiet and Elegant

Usability as the first rule

The fundamental idea of Q Yachts is to develop high-end electric boats that are easy to own and effortless to use. This has been achieved by an industry leading electric propulsion system and functional design.


The 9.3-meter-long day-cruiser is a perfect boat for day trips and at a speed of six knots you can drive freely for 10 hours (60 nautical miles). The boat offers a maximum speed of 14 knots.

The spacious and luminous cabin makes the boat a great fit for over night stays, creating a complete boating experience and allowing you to truly relax onboard.

The boat’s batteries are easily charged full during the night, and best of all, the boat can be charged anywhere with a normal plug. In addition, the boat has a refrigerator, a water point and an electric toilet with fresh water.

Design your own Q30

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