Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy

Updated 15.6.2021 



This data protection statement applies to personal data collected in connection with the products and services provided by  Q-Yachts and to personal data collected in connection with your other interaction with us. When we collect the above data  in connection with our products and services, we mean for example, Q-Yachts boats, other products, websites, applications  or other types of services. When we collect the above data we will include a link or another appropriate reference to this  data protection statement. This also applies to the collection of personal data in connection with other Q-Yachts services,  such as customer services, customer events, offers and promotional campaigns.

Any other terms related to data protection are communicated in connection with individual Q-Yachts products and/or  services. In the event of any conflict, such terms specific to product or service supersede this data protection statement.

Our products or services may also contain links to other companies’ websites and other third-party services that have their  own data protection policies. We recommend that you read the data protection policies of such services carefully. Q-Yachts  is not responsible for third-party data protection practices or their content.



The controller is Q Yachts Oy (company ID: 2726567-4) (“Company”).



2.1 Contact details of the data protection officer

With respect to data protection matters, you can contact:


Message subject: “GDPR DPO”



We process and collect the personal data mentioned in this data protection statement for the following purposes:  • Provision and maintenance, development and securing of Q-Yachts’ products and services; • Implementation, development, statistics compilation, reporting and analysis of customer service;

  • Customer communication and customer relationship management as well as problem solving and message  processing;
  • Direct marketing purposes and other targeted advertising;
  • For analytical purposes, we also collect analytics data about visitors to our websites;
  • We may also collect location data from our boats or other services;

The legal bases applicable to the processing are: agreement, legal obligation, legitimate interest of the controller and  consent.

Agreement as a basis for processing consists of Q-Yachts’ general terms and conditions and data protection policy, as  well as any special terms or other agreement applicable to the individual case in question. These are pursuant to Q Yachts’ legitimate interest and/or the user’s consent.

Legal obligation as a basis for processing is based on European Union law and applicable national law. A legal obligation  may be related to, for example, accounting.

Where the legitimate interest of the controller is the basis for processing, legitimate interests include the direct marketing,  development, improvement and protection of Q-Yachts’ products and/or services, and other uses that are in Q-Yachts’  legitimate interest under applicable law. You may at any time prohibit the processing of your personal data for direct  marketing and profiling purposes. Please note, however, that this does not affect the quantity of ads displayed in Q-Yachts’  products or services, but only that marketing will not be targeted based on the data we collect from you.

Consent as a basis for the processing of personal data described in this data protection statement is obtained using an  appropriate method, such as ticking a box indicating your consent, making a choice in the technical settings of the service  or website or another clear statement or action indicating your consent, depending on the product, website, service or  application you use. In principle, such consent is always as easily revocable as it has been given.



We process personal data that we receive directly from the user. Below you will find the categories, descriptions and source  of personal data collected by Q-Yachts.


Category of personal data Description Source / legal basis
basic and contact information first and last name, telephone number and email address


directly from the user
data related to transactions payment card information

ratings provided in the service, i.e., customer feedback

directly from the user
data related to the Q-Yachts services/products or Q Yachts boats information about the use of the service or products and activity

browser and device information

directly from the user, the Q-Yachts boat, the user’s device, app or other similar technology
data related to the boat’s systems telematics data from the boat including boat location, speed, motor, battery and auxiliary appliance statistics the Q-Yachts boat


4.1 Where else personal data have been acquired

In addition to the personal data we receive from you, we may, in accordance with applicable law, obtain and process certain  personal data from public databases and third parties such as our resellers etc.


4.2 Recipients or categories of recipients of personal data

Other processors as recipients

When Q-Yachts processes personal data, they are sometimes shared with other parties. In this case, these other parties  are processors of personal data, which refers to companies with which Q-Yachts has a binding legal agreement. They may  only process the data for the specific purposes permitted by Q-Yachts and may only rely on third parties authorized by Q Yachts for said processing. Q-Yachts may use external service providers, for example, to obtain technical solutions and  services to process the stored data, as well as to use a special technical interface to open the stored data. Personal data  may be shared with such service providers and third parties to the extent necessary for maintaining, developing and  providing Q-Yachts services. Q-Yachts may also use services provided by third parties, such as software services, system  services and payment service providers. Q-Yachts has the right to share your personal data with the above parties to the  extent necessary for providing these services.

Other controllers as recipients

Other parties may also be other data controllers, which refers to companies that have full responsibility toward the user for  the use of the user’s personal data. They also have full responsibility for any third parties that may be involved in the  processing of the user’s personal data. Q-Yachts will only share these data when necessary for providing you with a  product or service (for example maintenance of the boats). If you authorize Q-Yachts to allow a third party or a third party application to use your account data, we will share said data with a third party. We will not do this without your express  permission, which you provide in the Q-Yachts application or explicitly in connection with the product or service which you  are receiving. When you direct us to share information with a third party, such a third party is responsible for the processing  of personal data from that point on. Thus, it is your responsibility to carefully review the data protection policy of the third  party.

More detailed descriptions of recipient groups

On our sites that display ads, selected companies and suppliers can purchase advertising space from us. In some cases,  this means that the companies and/or suppliers act as separate controllers for the data processed. In addition, data may  be disclosed to opinion and market surveys and other similar studies.

Q-Yachts has the right to transfer personal data to a subsidiary or to a third party in the event of the reorganisation, merger,  sale, transfer or other assignment of Q-Yachts’ business or part thereof, assets or shares, or in the event of a joint venture,  provided that the party to whom we transfer the personal data is not, without specific notice and, if required by applicable  law, without the customer’s permission, authorised to process your personal data for purposes other than those specified  in this data protection statement. Q-Yachts may share user data (including personal data) in connection with a potential  acquisition or sale of business, if Q-Yachts or its business or part thereof is sold to the recipient of the data.

By using Q-Yachts’ services, such as by communicating within the Q-Yachts application, products and/or services, you  may also share your data with other users: any such information may be publicly available to other users, and there is no presumption of privacy regarding data disclosed in this way. Q-Yachts is not responsible for the data protection of any data  that the customer chooses to disclose within the services provided by Q-Yachts.

In specific exceptional circumstances, personal data may be disclosed to third parties in situations where required by  applicable law or regulation or other official order, or to monitor and ensure compliance with the terms of use of the services  and to ensure the security of the services.

Q-Yachts may share non-personal data (such as anonymous data about users; addresses of sites that refer to the services  and addresses used to exit the service; use of service products; clicks etc.) with third parties interested in these data in  order to help them understand certain content uses, services, promotions and/or service usability.

Data pertaining to a user or anonymous data may be shared with advertisers, publishers, affiliates and other third parties.



Personal data may be transferred outside the European Union and the European Economic Area if the European  Commission has adopted a decision on the adequacy of the protection of personal data in the countries where personal  data is transferred to (so-called “Equivalence Decision”, Article 45 of the Data Protection Regulation). The transfer of  personal data outside the EU and the EEA can also be done using standard contractual clauses (SCC, “Standard  Contractual Clauses”) approved by the Commission.

Our products and/or services can be provided using resources and servers located in different countries. Therefore, your  personal data may also be disclosed outside the country where the services you use are located. However, in all transfers  to third countries, Q-Yachts always complies with either an Equivalence Decision or Standard Contractual Clauses. Should you require more information about the transfer of your personal data abroad, you can contact us.



We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary for the processing purpose in question or for as long as  required by applicable law.

If you have registered with Q-Yachts’ services, we will retain the data for as long as you use the services or as long after  the customer relationship as we deem necessary to retain the data in accordance with applicable law.



You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Right of access to personal data
    • You have the right to request and receive the personal data we collect about you in a common and  machine-readable format form by communicating with our customer service.
  • Right to rectification
    • You can contact our customer service if you believe we have other data of yours that may need to be  rectified.
  • Right to data erasure
    • You have the right to ask us to delete your personal data. However, we will not be able to delete personal  data that are necessary for complying with binding legal obligations or that must be retained under  applicable law.
  • Right to restriction of processing and right of objection
    • You have the right to object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, for sending  promotional materials, for profiling or for conducting market research.
    • You can also contact Q-Yachts’ customer service to request a restriction on data processing or to object  to any other form of processing.
  • Right to data portability
    • You have the right to request and receive the personal data we collect about you in a common and  machine-readable format form. If Q-Yachts considers the request unreasonable, Q-Yachts may charge  the reasonable costs incurred from the transfer.
  • If the processing is based on consent (or explicit consent), you have the right to withdraw the consent at any time.
  • Right not to be subject to automated decision-making
    • Q-Yachts does not make automated decisions about its users that would have legal or similar effects.

If you wish to exercise your above rights, you may, to the extent permitted by applicable law, contact us using the contact  information provided in this data protection statement. However, this may mean that we can no longer provide you with  those services, especially if you have requested us to delete or stop processing your personal data.

Please note that Q-Yachts may need to identify you and request additional details in order to fulfil your above requests.  Please also note that applicable laws may contain restrictions and other provisions related to your above rights.



If you are not satisfied with our data protection services or the processing of your personal data, you can address your  question to the relevant authority (the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman or, in processing related to cookies, Traficom).



We may collect your personal data for various purposes as described in our cookie policy, using technologies such as cookies, pixels and beacons to collect information about your device. Each of our sites, applications and services is subject to our cookie policy. For more information, read our cookie policy, which is available on the company’s website at You can also edit cookie-related settings and manage your cookie consent in cookie settings on the company’s website at or in the settings of your internet browser.

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser. Some cookies are activated automatically because the online service needs them to function properly. We also use cookies to track the use of the service and to provide you with targeted content and relevant advertising.

We use cookies on our website to make the use of our services easier and technically smoother. Cookies help us obtain information about the number of visitors, the pages visited by visitors, and their browsers and operating systems. With this information, we can better understand the use of our services and our users so that we can better develop our services.



Personal data may only be processed by persons whose duties justify this. The use of personal data is protected by appropriate personal credentials and access rights. Q-Yachts has put in place appropriate technical and administrative safeguards to avoid and minimise the risks associated with the disclosure and processing of personal data. Such security measures include, where applicable, the use of firewalls, secure server facilities and encryption, the establishment of appropriate access control systems and processes, the careful selection of processors, adequate training of Q-Yachts staff involved in the processing, and other measures necessary for protecting personal data from unauthorized access or disclosure.



In order to improve our services, and as legislation changes, we may also update our data protection statement. We always recommend that you re-read the statement at regular intervals. We will notify you of material changes by e-mail or on our website.